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Manufacturing Management Malta Ltd, (3-ems) is a progressive outgrowth of our US based (SheetMetal) manufacturing ventures. All of our experience is in the commercial realisation (i.e., research, design, development, engineering, manufacture, BD and sales) of innovative products with strong Intellectual Property protection.

In the past, much of 3-ems focus has been on manufacturing support for the commercial nuclear industry worldwide,. Additionally, 3-ems have more than 16 years experience with US government contracting and can readily work within the Federal systems.

Our approach is quite straightforward in its description, but quite complex in its execution.

We can present and implement a plan whereby 3-ems (as your teaming partner) will develop a fully detailed, sourced and documented production system allowing you to manufacture in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.
Our primary goal is for those involved to be a part of an efficient, profitable manufacturing system, resulting in an attractively priced - high quality - offering to the marketplace.

Most manufacturing challenges can be traced back to issues that occur well before the production phase.. They begin product design, development, engineering and progress towards scheduling and sourcing issues.

3-ems can help address the upstream issues and the result will be improved efficiency, process economy and cost savings while delivering a consistent high quality product.

We adjust our tool kit depending on the client’s situation, but our approach is always based on the same maxim … 


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Manufacturing Management, Malta Ltd

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