Estimating / Cost Analysis / Financial

We are all in the money business and management of costs is essential in manufacturing.

3-ems can;

  • Assist in the evaluation of Material Suppliers and Service Providers
  • Establish Materials, Suppliers, Services & Operations Lists in the ERP
  • Implement the estimating protocols through the ERP 
  • Establish Budgets, Work Center usage and Labor mix to ensure production targets are economically met
  • Develop project-specific reports and computer ‘dashboards’ for (almost) real time assessment of productivity, parts inventory shipments and sales

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Implementation of a comprehensive ERP system usually requires major changes to staff work processes and practices. We can assist in systems evaluations followed by customisation, and ongoing support.

How Long will it take?; The time involved in the implementation of a comprehensive ERP system depends on business size, number of modules, customisation, the scope of process changes, and (most importantly) the readiness of senior management to take ownership in the project.